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Have you ever considered to undertake business coaching sessions and commit to a massive shift in your mindset & performance?

There is a point in life in which you know you have the potential to grow but, for some strange reasons, you simply can’t: you either feel stagnant & lostafraid to start or too overwhelmed to take on another project

Here, the support of a business coach can really be tour turning point.

Get clarity of purpose

You will work on your big picture, understanding which activities of your business are just tasks and which are milestones to achieve your long term vision. If what you do is not linked to your personal dreams, there is no burning reason to improve and expand.

Improve new personal & professional skills

You will learn how to become more productive and efficient as well as a better communicator, team mate and team leader.

Start committing & investing in yourself

You will grow both as a person and business owner; unlike other investments that are specifically business-oriented (such as advertising your products or hiring a staff member), business coaching sessions are about you, your mindset and the way you relate to your business and goals.

New roads & solutions

You will benefit from someone who has the ability to quickly identify critical issues and areas that you have never considered before (you don’t know what you don’t know) as well as offer you new business solutions and strategies you might not have thought about.

Refine planning & priority management

You will identify and prioritize what goals, plans and strategies are needed to help you get closer to your goal. 

Build confidence & empowerment

You will enter a powerful virtuous circle: the more positive changes & results you experience during the program, the more self-confident and enthusiast you will become. Besides, you will strengthen your main skills & abilities and learn strategies to cope with conflicts, crises & challenges.

Develop accountability

The business coaching sessions will  guide you and push you to do your best and get out of the comfort zone, at the same time making yourself accountable for getting things done, meeting your deadlines and achieving the goals you have set, for yourself and your business.

Get new perspectives and critical thinking

You will get a new perspective about your business and offer leading to significant and often unexpected breakthroughs.

Enable an action plan for growth

You will develop a plan based on your strengths as well as the weak points that have prevented you to achieve your goals in the past. Your progresses will be tracked and evaluated in order for you to stay on track and for the coach to understand whether to fine-tune or change action.

I had just opened a new business and things seemed to be going well. However, after a few months, the workload began to multiply and stress replaced the initial enthusiasm. While I had the technical skills to do a good job, I realized there was something missing on a business level. For this reason, through the advice of an entrepreneur friend, I decided to trust YMM for a coaching program. During the sessions not only I developed organizational and management skills that were very useful for my business, but also and above all I worked on aspects of mentality, vision and personal leadership that I had never believed could be useful in the professional field. I feel much clearer, more complete, and more confident now. A result that is also having positive consequences on the economic activity of my company.

Massimo - Italy

Who are the business coaching sessions for?
  • You have an incredible business idea but you haven’t started yet and you are just not sure what to do; or maybe you are scared to put you out there and you need someone to help you with the process.
  • you run a successful business, but you want to take it to the next level;
  • you have a business but you either feel you have reached a stagnant situation; you are not satisfied with the performance or you are facing a particular challenge.
    How are the sessions structured?

    Each session is 90-minute long and is usually scheduled once a week. At the end of each session, you will be given specific tasks and activities to perform so you can practice what you have learnt.


    Absolutely. If you don’t have the time, the skills or maybe even the right budget to build your website or develop your online marketing campaigns on Facebook or Google, we are here to help: everyone who takes part of one of our coaching & mentoring programs will benefit of special rates with discounts up to 30% off regular prices.